​​​FYI, nothing but AMAZING feedback on the Quick Dry solution!! Everyone
is beyond thrilled and getting long-lasting results!! Can always count
on perfection from JMT Sunless!!

April L.

Wow! I just want you to know how much I appreciate doing business with you! I have several vendors I work with, I don't always get treated with such a friendly, helpful,  timely responses as I have with you.

I saw your post about adding trainers, I think you are going to rock it and grow to be one of the top spray tanning companies available to us. You have a fantastic product and stellar customer service!

Laurie K

I just wanted to drop a quick email and let you know that in the 6 years I've been a tech your company has been the fastest at processing and shipping! It's awesome to find a company that is considerate of their customers time and business. Everything is packed and packaged so well. I'm so excited to introduce my clients to JMT Solutions. Thank you so much:) 

Awesome! Great communication is so important when ordering product! Thank you for your quick reply and detailed information. You guys are great- all the reviews I read about your great customer service are spot on. 

Once again you have exceeded my expectations with your explanation/answer.  Such a pleasure to do business with a company that not only provides the best product on the market, but such personal and helpful customer attention!  Thank you so much for your prompt response and valuable information!  I will definitely be ordering this product with my next order.  Wish I was closer and could attend one of your trainings. Thank you again for your help! Can't wait to get my order and place my next one!!

Thank you so much for everything.  We love the product & loved spending the day with you. I've been in the spa industry over 20 years and you are one of the top trainers I've had.  Amazing job! Thank you so much. 
Nicole B. @ Bliss
I have meant to write sooner, but we have been booking clients like crazy! Thanks to YOU! Everyone loves how your solution looks on them. Because of you and your training our business is off and running! My sister and I both loved and appreciated your teaching style! You were so thorough, we hardly had to ask questions! You’re totally worth every penny!! Thanks SO much again!
Sam S.

I love this! Thank you for training me so well! I am so appreciative of all you have done for me :-)
Christie, Modesto, CA

I'm thrilled to be working with someone that cares about the success of others. You have helped me become the best at what I do and I hope to keep growing and building my business as you have done. I'm very excited about the changes and to have the opportunity to offer my clients even better service.
Miranda K, Sun-Dance Studios 

The training process was very thorough and informative. I tanned many girls that day and left feeling very confident! JMT Sunless has been available to answer any questions I have had and they respond promptly.  My clients love their JMT!
Anecia Y

It was a true pleasure meeting Mandy and spending the day with her at Healthy Glow while she trained the owner. We are so glad Healthy Glow can offer JMT to our community.   Brides and Grooms love the beautiful instant tan for their destination wedding day! Plus all the wonderful visitors of our valley can go home with a glowing tan without spending hours in the sun tanning their skin with harmful UV rays.

Heidi, Lake Chelan WA

I run a spray tanning business in Northern California.  I have spoken with you over the phone many times and you have been very helpful.  I have ordered your solution a many times and absolutely love it. I have tried just about every brand in the industry, and nothing compares to JMT Sunless!  If it weren't for your product, I would not be in this business any longer! Thank you!
Natalie L

Congrats Mandy on the expansion of your business!  You are such an inspiration to me.  I'm thrilled to be working with someone that cares about the success of others.  You have helped me become the best at what I do and I hope to keep growing and building my business as you have done.  I'm very excited to have the opportunity to offer my clients such a great product!  Thank you!  

First of all, the chocolate tanning lotion is better than EVER! (If that was even possible) it's amazing! My pedicurist was shocked when I told her I had tanning lotion on. She did not believe me for the longest time. Secondly - and most importantly - the coconut buttercream lotion is just plain delicious. So delicious that my boyfriend turns into a jungle animal and climbs all over me. I'm getting more action than ever. Thanks JMT for making me a coconutty-golden-delicious-sexpot. Have a great day ladies!!!!!
Christie C.